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3 Jul

Discussing the Philosophy of Coffee with Hidenori Izaki, World Barista Champion

In June of this year, Hidenori Izaki, former winner of the World Barista Championship, paid a visit to Louisa to share his experiences and philosophical outlook on coffee.

"The process of delivering a cup of coffee — going from raw beans to roasting, brewing, and the final sale — takes cooperation between a lot of people. The last piece of the puzzle, the person who actually enables the customer to savor a delicious cup of coffee, is none other than the barista." An emphasis on detail, emphasis on team, and emphasis on the customer — this defines Master Izaki's lifelong pursuit in the art of coffee.

Master Izaki imparted these words of wisdom to Louisa team members: "In the coffee business, as long as you maintain a sense of curiosity, if you're young and have patience, being patient will help you achieve a lot in life."