May 30th , 2018

Old Meets New Along at Kaohsiung Port Warehouse No. 2 — 'KW2 Store'

Article Image At the invitation of Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu, Louisa opened a brand-new location at Kaohsiung Port Warehouse No. 2, the KW2 Store, which officially opened its doors on March 31, 2018! The warehouse location features a massive 5,600 square meter space, and new Louisa store seamlessly incorporates the pier's history and local culture, enabling customers to sip on great coffee while enjoying the harbor's unique historical ambience, making it the only specialty cafe of its kind right on Kaohsiung Harbor.
Mar 19th , 2018

Hey! These Tempting Muffins Are a Double Yummy Treat

Article Image Crunch! Crunch! Hear that? This muffin is saying "Hey!" Start your tantalizing snacking journey with a big, crispy bite! While you're busy munching on a nutritious slice of delicious cheese, savory cheese sauce, and tender juicy sliced pork, try not to make too much of a mess with corn starch crumbs, otherwise everyone will know your new favorite snack — a delectable muffin from Louisa Coffee! If one isn't enough to satisfy your hunger, upgrade to a Double Pork and Cheese Muffin to get your fix of our crispy, mouth-watering muffins!
Sep 25th , 2017

Louisa ‘Cold Brew Series’ Offers a Refreshing Taste and Enticing Draft-Style Foam

Article Image Louisa is excited to introduce a new "nitro" infused series of cold brew drinks made from healthy, caffeine-free herbal teas. With a refreshingly crisp taste and enticing draft-style foam, Louisa's on-tap draft nitro tea comes in four unique seasonal flavors. Spring / Evening Rain: Louisa's robust house blend black tea infused with a dash of lemon zest, delivering a tangy, sweet, sumptuously aromatic fruit flavor. Summer / Iced Tea Trio: Fragrant green tea infused with three different types of fruit results in a sweet, refreshing aftertaste with every sip. Autumn / Golden Years: Sweet orange tea and a dash of zesty lemon, freshly sourced from Pingtung. Winter / Abbey Iced Tea: Fresh wild berry tea infused with just the right amount of zesty lemon. Healthy, all-natural berries are nourishing, anti-aging, and help boost your immune system.
Mar 28th , 2017

'Ki-pataw Store', Louisa's First Historic Cafe Location, Opens in Beitou

Article Image A historic building previously occupied for 20 years by Sun Sheng Fa, a local business, witnessed the early hustle and bustle of Beitou Station at its prime. Now, as fortune would have it, this location has been transformed into Louisa's first historic cafe, the "Ki-pataw Store". After many months of surveying, inspection, structural evaluation, clearing, renovation, re-design, and remodeling, the site was completely revamped into the latest Louisa store while retaining the site's original historical feel, providing customers with a retro experience imbued with the soul of specialty coffee.
Mar 18th , 2017

Flower Festival-goers Enjoy a Boost from Louisa Coffee

Article Image The inaugural Taipei Azalea Festival was recently held by the Taipei City Government, and thanks to an invitation from Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je, Louisa was able to get in on the fun by serving up amazing coffee while admiring beautiful flowers along with the public. During the festival, Louisa General Manager Chris Huang led a team of Louisa baristas in a fun activity to teach Mayor Ko and international visitors how to create impressive ten-second latte art. Meanwhile, Louisa set up a mobile coffee station next to a children's playground area to offer visitors freshly brewed coffee and sumptuous gâteaux de voyage pastries baked especially for the event, allowing flower festival-goers to enjoy great coffee and savory snacks while taking in the sights.